Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 白銀のアエリア

2:48 AM

SO GOOD. Was going to put Rin up today, but Luka and CAZ took over. Sorry OSTERproject.

Title: 白銀のアエリア, Hakugin no Aeria, Aeria's Silver
Producer: CAZ
Video by: Achikoaco
Genre: Rock
Vocaloid: 巡音ルカ

Kenn's Comment: Holy crap this is a good song. I know I haven't posted anything of CAZ before ( I didn't know about it him until recently...shame on me), but this is great. You can check out most of his other works over at his YouTube channel. The song puts CAZ and this song up to the top of my favourite producers and songs. Yoyuyope was near the top and Ryo was too. Not really sure who's up there anymore.

NEXT week, hopefully I'll finally get around to putting up that Rin song. Watch me forget and put something else up again.

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