Weekly Vocaloid Feature - シンデレラシンドローム

10:41 AM

I told you. Today is Rin's day. Hopefully I didn't promise that it was OSTERproject, because I couldn't find that song.

Title: シンデレラシンドローム, Cinderella Syndrome
Producer: カラスヤサボウ
Illustration: ひなのすけ様
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 鏡音リンAPPEND (warm & sweet)

Kenn's Comment: I know it's probably hard to tell that this is Rin Append, but trust me it is. Rin's APPEND makes her sound a little more life-like and less robotic (not that she sounded robotic in the first place), and also gives her a second upgrade. I think Rin and Ren were the only ones to get an Act2 program.

That aside, the song is pretty catchy and sounds good too.

Edit: I posted this and found that I still had the OSTERproject one tabbed in another window. Fail. I'll link to it here.

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