Manga of the Week - HANADA

2:15 AM

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Late because I was out today. Got back at six, but I had to eat and watch Star Driver.

Title: HANADA, ハナダ
Author: Nakahara Aya
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Romance
Serialized in: Shueisha Betsuma
Total Volume Count: 2

Series Description from MangaUpdates (with a bit of editing by yours truly):
When she stands, she is a peony; when she sits, she is a lotus; when she walks, she is a lily. Oozing pheromones in full throttle, is the perfectly flawless princess, Hanada Ran. And now that she's transferring from her high-class all girls school to a co-ed school, she's decided to search for her prince! First she meets Kashiwagi Eiji, a pervert who insults her--he's the last man she'd ever want. Then she meets the student body president, Watabe Shizuru, a perfect prince, and sets her sights on him! But then her parents announce that she has an arranged marriage with the son of the people who saved their lives... the Kashiwagi family!? 
Kenn's Comment: A great, fun and sweet series by the author of Lovely Complex. This technically came a year before LC did, so saying that it's by the author would imply it came after. Maybe that's just me. You should check that one out too. I wanted to get Natural to do the Manga of the Week for that one, but he's more or less gone with the wind. Who knows. Maybe I can get him to do something. 

Anywho, Hanada runs with a rather cliche plot, the arranged marriage, and quite literally runs with it. Sure, it's an overused and often poorly executed trope, but Nakahara keeps it from being stale with a rather colourful main character, and an even more colourful male lead. Think of him as being a combination between Usui and Shintani...kind of. Maybe leaning towards Shintani more than Usui...Just read it and find out for yourself.

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