Winter Anime Reviews - インフィニット・ストラトス

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This time, we take a look at Charlotte Charles Dunois France Infinite Stratos.

Younger readers may want to fetch their parents as some of the images in the post may be offensive to pure young minds. Rated T for partial nudity. Viewer discrection is advised.

Who am I kidding? This one's for you Andrew. Your gift is at the bottom.

Infinite Stratos is a action oriented (or supposed to be) mecha series with a heaping ladle full of school romance harem romance with a lead dense as lead. But Charles/Charlotte is here to save the day. Hallelujah!

Story wise, you can't really get much more generic than this. Ichika happens to be the only known man capable of using an IS unit, and is thusly transferred into a school that trains IS pilots (his sister works there). Inevitably, he's the only guy in the school, and soon begins unknowingly amassing a throng of girls who like him, from childhood friends to former students of his older sister. Now I know it sounds like I'm bad-mouthing the series, but the story is about as revolutionary as finding a weed in your garden which you've neglected for months.

I watch IS for the story.
There have been times when the episode made little sense. I usually do reading up on the forums after I finish an episode to see what other people thought of it, and what scenes from the light novel the studio cut out. Episode 4 is a great example as there's no explanation as to why Ichika does the things he does. How did Cecelia get out? We're left to assume the tech team got the doors open. Why'd Ichika ask Rin to fire a full power blast at his back side? I actually have no clue. Maybe he's a masochist. The episode was doing fine until those scenes came up. I know the studio has money and time to worry about, but a wee bit more elaboration might've helped in that episode.

I watch IS for the story.
Animation wise, I think it does fine. There haven't been any major quality drops, and the CG IS units look fine. Characters look fine and the few battle scenes are done well in my opinion. Ichika has looked a wee bit odd at times though.
Ichika getting his 'sexy' on.

'Course my main gripe about the series is Ichika. Clueless leads are fun every now and then, but when harem leads are always clueless, it really gets on your nerve. Not to mention when you're that kind of guy in real life. It doesn't make you feel much better. Excuse me while I go make myself taller in the next room.

That being said, it's by no means a bad series, it just means that it's not a great series. I remember reading on the forums that the IS novels under a certain label that hasn't produced anything great in a while, and Kampfer was part of it. Oh, Kampfer. Well, it's a series worth checking out if you have the time. If harem, dense male leads, and lots and lots of girls aren't your thing, then maybe check the previous two review out?

Charlotte for great justice. 

I watch IS for Charlotte.

Charlotte for great justice. 

Should also mention that the series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is simulcasted on The Anime Network (not to be confused with the ANN).

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