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5:30 PM

Image by Kayu

Coffee post. Again.

The latest concoction to hatch from my kitchen. STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED COFFEE. Bad idea? Absolutely. Don't try this at home. Tastes terribad, though adding too much coffee, and then adding too much strawberry drink syrup probably doesn't help. The coffee you see in the sink at the far left of the photo...well that's me spitting it up. Never trying that again. The orange coffee from before wasn't so bad though. 

Gave up trying to be a mad scientist and become awesome and settled with strawberry milk. You can make it easily too, with just a few simple ingredients:
  • Milk from a Red Cow (obtained by squeezing the cow itself)
  • A teaspoon of pixie dust (obtained from their wings)
  • Blood of a Unicorn (helps with the colour)
  • 5 drops of Mermaid Tears
  • A couple strawberries (finely chopped)
  • A full moon
Mix it in a cauldron on medium high heat, making sure to stir with an obsidian spoon or rod (wood, metal and plastic impart odd flavours). It can only be made during a full moon, as the magical properties of many of the ingredients (mermaid tears, unicorn blood, pixie dust) are at they're strongest during this time. Strawberries should be added once the mixture begins boiling, and should be boiled until it disintegrates. It does result in a rather sweet drink, so those who don't like things that sweet can go ahead and add a stick or two of dryad bark and a few petals from an alraune. 

Strawberry milk is great at the beginning, but I found myself getting a bit tired of it not even midway through. 

Family's back from Texas, and my dad got me these t-shirts (though didn't get me that cowboy hat I wanted). I really like the 7-up one, but the problem with them is that none of them are my size. My dad's the kind of person who kind of just picks up clothes without really looking at the sizes (eg., I've got at least 4 pairs of jeans with a waist size of 34 and a leg length of 36. I got them when my waist and length was only 30 both). Chose the least obnoxious Ecko shirts as a precaution. Don't want to get shot in that gangsta swag!

Some of the photos on the blog lately have been taken with this camera, a Canon SX30 IS. It's actually not mine, but I use it from time to time. While big and impressive looking, it's really just a fancy looking point and shoot digital camera with a very large zoom lens (35x!). Most of the times though I use my digital camera, a Sony Cybershot. With a bit of tetris arrangement I could probably fit 6 of my camera in the space that the Canon takes up. And yet they pretty much are the same thing minus the zoom. Interesting thought, eh?

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