Weekly 東方 - 白狼の巫女

4:31 PM

Interesting note: Soutsuki Hisame has had as many features on the blog as Shino has. Probably.

=_=" Sorry guys, forgot to hit Publish before I left. 

Title: 白狼の巫女, Shiro Ookami no Miko, White Wolf Shrine Maiden
Artist: Soutsuki Hisame
Genre: Adventure, Action, Adventure
Characters: Inubashiri Momiji, Hakurei Reimu, lots of other characters I don't want to list

Kenn's Comment: This one ends with a TO BE CONTINUED, so I can't really judge it all that well, but I suppose it does bear similarities to a certain arc in 200 Yojana in a flash, where Youmu's all depressed; similar to that. Either way, seeing Momiji in a non-moefied form (and not badass [yet]) is pretty cool. Hoping to see how this turns out.

Read it over at Pixiv or Danbooru.

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