Manga of the Week - 俺様ティーチャー

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Title: 俺様ティーチャー, Ore-sama Teacher, My Teacher
Author: Tsubaki Izumi
Genre: Shoujo, Action, Comedy, Romance
Total Volume Count: 11 (ongoing)
Serialized in: Hakusensha 花とゆめ (Hana to Yume)

Series Summary from Intercross:
Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. Now that she’s transferred to a new high school, she’s determined to become an “ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student.” But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun and a homeroom teacher like Saeki Takaomi (who may be more than he seems), will Mafuyu really be able to live a girly-girl high school life!?
Kenn's Comment: Awesome series. The romance is, more often than not, sitting on the back burner, but the comedy really makes up for it. With Usa-man-chan and Hayasaka and Mafuyu's sheer idiocy, it's really never a dull moment. Another thing I like about the series is that characters aren't so much in the typical character category. That is, it's not adhering to the typical romance shoujo-esque mold (though that's probably due to the romance, or lack of). Though that's just my preference; I'm not exactly a fan of straight romantic-dramas. I much prefer rom-coms. I'd recommend this one to people who like romantic comedies, and don't mind romantic progress...or lack of.

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