Manga of the Week - 純★愛センセーション

7:34 AM

Let's go from boys love to split-split-personality-one-of-them-used-to-be-a-guy-girl-love-triangle-thing! Clear as mud, yeah?

Title: 純★愛センセーション, Ju'nai Sensation, Pure Love Sensation
Author: Oobayashi Miyuki
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Serialized in: Shogakugan ChuChu
Total Volume Count: 5

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Two boys are the best of friends until one day one of them gets killed saving the life of the other. The boy's spirit wanders watching him until one day he ends up possessing the body of a girl who tried to kill herself.
Kenn's Comment: Before I say anything, I shall mention it has a bit of 'gender-bender' in it. And by I bit, I mean it's part of the main story. Gender-bender being either boys dressing and/or acting like girls, vice versa, or girls becoming boys (through various means, magic is most common) or vice versa.

Took a look at this one out of sheer boredom. I have a tendency to enjoy gender-benders where guys become or cross-dress as girls (though there was one I vehemently disliked, can't remember the title). Though unrelated, this one is quite similar to Earth Akane Overdrive (a series that unfortunately suffered the same fate as almost every manga by Kawashita Mizuki...I swear someone has something against her). I don't think I ever put it up as a manga features but in essence, it's story is pretty much similar.

Anywho, the art can be a bit sketchy at times, but overall it's the art is solid, the characters can go from cute to adorable. Character interactions make up the brunt of the enjoyment, especially with a certain character having two sides...

Also, it shocks me to see how many people can't tell between a Shoujo and a Shounen series. There's almost always a fairly clean and distinctive line...and the magazine should instantly give it away. Shounen Jump wouldn't serialize a shoujo series. Therefore a non-action series like Good Ending wouldn't be a shoujo. Git yer stuff together people!

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