Weekly Vocaloid Feature - Alice in Musicland

10:50 AM

This one's from earlier this week, but I really like it. :3

Title: Alice in Musicland
Producer: OSTER Project
Genre: Musical
Vocaloid: MEIKO, KAITO, 初音ミク・APPEND,鏡音リン・レン,巡音ルカ

Kenn's Comment: This one is rather long, clocking in at an impressive 12 minutes. The musical, like actual musicals, is separated into acts, each one telling a different part of the story, using the various characters in the story. Credits are rolled at the end, so I'll let you guys stick around for that one.

It's really good, and much of the musical style is more or less right in OSTER Project's alley. Her music tends to be jazzy, fluffy and upbeat. She really knows how to use the Vocaloids. I would have preferred a slightly lower Luka voice, but I guess the one used had to be cute to match with the illustration, yeah? Anywho, kick back, and enjoy the show!

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