Weekly 東方 Doujin - Yuuka/Cirno

5:50 PM

Image by Ao Usagi

One of the greatest artists of 'what' draws one of the most adorable comics of the 'strongest'. 

Title: Yuuka/Cirno (can't find an actual title)
Artist: Ao Usagi
Genre: Slice of life?
Characters: Kazami Yuuka, Cirno

Kenn's Comment: It's only 6 pages long, so it's hard to really pinpoint a genre on a silent 6 page comic. Silent in the sense that there's no dialogue. It's adorable though. Cirno maybe the 'strongest' ice fairy, but she has a way of melting the hearts of readers like me. Yuuka's smile on the second last page got me too. Hnggggggg...

And now about the artist. Ao Usagi pretty much has several typical styles: the 'what', the 'hngggg' and the 'dhaaaaw'. What often uses puns, the boob(s) and dhaww usually come hand in hand. Oh and 'what' also includes his many breast pieces. Seems to have a bit of a passion for them, considering how many images he's drawn of them.

Read it at Pixiv, or Danbooru

Now if you excuse me, that strawberry milk is getting to me. 

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