Dungeon Fighter Online Act X: Rebirth

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FINALLY HERE! This is the reason why I've been so inactive on the forums, even this post is late, but this is "THE" game for me that I want to play the most, I will be posting ALOT about this game, so bear with me.
This is a game published by Nexon, created by Neople, it is always in top 10 in Korea, and it has it's own tournament and it is an esport in Korea, it has it's own tv show, it's a esports played in WCG as well.

Anyways, this is the Rebirth patch, or in Korea, Second Impact patch, ours is heavily modified as we didn't have the thief class yet, so we're getting thief class along.

Thief Introduction Animation

Getting it on!?
now let's see some gameplay

Rogue gameplay

Necromancer gameplay

This is the new class that came over to DFO, the thieves, now we are 2 classes short from Korean version(we opened 2 years ago, this is amazing catch up already)

Second Impact brings over a new level cap of 70, new skill point allocation, EX skills(requires TP), and many overhauls to existing systems, read the website linked from the image~

I'll be posting gameplay sessions and updates here from now on~

This is the trailer to one of the job we don't have yet, the male fighters~
DnF 2011 promotion video, Passion

Male Nen Master

Male Street Fighter

Last priest class advancement - Avenger

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