Manga of the Week - ラブアレルゲン

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Love's in the air like pollen.

Title: ラブアレルゲン, Love Allergen
Author: Akahori Satoru
Art: Katsura Yukimaru
Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Serialized in: ASCII Media Works Dengeki Daioh
Total Volume Count: 2 (ongoing)

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
In a small village, there is a legend about a person born from a sakura tree one thousand years ago. Though she appeared human in form, she could not understand love, and was therefore cruel. She was eventually destroyed. Now, the mythical Sakura tree is going to attempt to create human life once again. This time it is up to two high school students, the incredibly handsome Tasuku and the love-allergic girl Honomi, to teach the Sakura Child about love.

Kenn's Comment: It's a fun series. Honomi's a really fun character, and Tasuku's family life is a real hoot. The characters are really what drives this one forward. If the beginning of the first chapter was an indication of things to come, I'm expecting things to heat up in the near future. Looking forward to how this one plays out.

Oh and just as a note, Akahori is also the mind behind other titles like Abenobashi and Kashi-Mashi, among others.

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