Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 魔女

9:06 AM

A sad tale of betrayal.

Title: 魔女, Witch Hunt
Producer: すずきP
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 巡音ルカ, 初音ミク, 神威がくぽ, 鏡音リン・レン

Kenn's Comment: Actually features Miku and Gakupo, but the description only has Luka (she does most of the song anyways).

Story goes something like this:

Looks like Rin and Ren narrate it. Miku is a church person, Gakupo is likely a noble of sorts. Ruka (Luka) happens to be the 'witch'.

Gakupo is together with Ruka in what's most likely a relationship. Just like how it was back in them Witch Hunt days, Miku accuses Ruka of being a witch to get her out of the picture. Believing Miku, Gakupo cuts Ruka's hair; it was a common belief that if one was charmed by a witch cutting her hair would break said spell. Flash forward, Ruka's up on the crucifix, betrayed by the one she loved, and Gakupo's slightly regretting his decision, but can't go back on it. I won't spoil the rest.

An excellent song of a tale from long ago. 

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