A Day with Kenn 98

10:07 PM

Clear blue skies. Sun's shining bright. Gorgeous day.


We'll start from a few days back. It's mapo tofu and rice. I've finally gotten my hands on some Szchuan pepper corns; found them at a specialty spice store up at Lonsdale Quay. Definitely adds to the taste, but I still couldn't get that signature red colour that all the recipes call for.

In the process of making the mapo tofu, we (me and my brother) also made a large (really big) pot of chicken stock. Using said stock, I made this: green peas, short ribs and shell noodles. Fun fact: I was killing the Blue Dragon in Demon's Souls while I was cooking this.

How about some of that curry? Curry with what's essentially left overs. Made using Glico curry blocks. We didn't have potatoes, so we added a butt tonne of onions and carrots. Also added hot dogs to make up for the lack of protein. It was delicious. Can't remember if I was killing something in Demon's Souls or not.

Rocky basking in the sun. Would very much like it if he did this more instead of lounge around inside being lonely, like he is right now. No one's home except me and my brother, and my brother doesn't like the dog in his room, so he's pretty much only got me to hang with. And I can tell you that I'm not exactly the most fun to be around.

Shot of the backyard from high angle. Little smudges a little off the right of the center of the shot are from when Rocky got too close to the camera. Didn't think he stuck his nose right onto the lens until I took a look at it. And yes, I'm using a different camera from usual. I'm trying to get the hang of this one for when I do figure shoots.

Planning on doing a biographical post sometime before the summer ends, so keep yer eyes peeled fer that one.

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