Cpop of the week(late!) - 千年之戀(信樂團+戴愛玲)[Thousand year of love)

9:18 AM


阿信's amazing voice never cease to amaze me whenever I hear him, the way he can scream it makes his style impossible to copy in the Cpop area...

This song is very very old, it is from 2004, but I find that this song is possibly my favourite 信樂團(Shin Band) song so I've decided to push it out here. 信樂團 is a band that formed in 2002, that pretty much revolved around their main vocalist, named 蘇見信(Shin), if you look closely the band's name is after him too, he is known for his amazing ability to sing high notes. The girl that sung this song with him, is named 戴愛玲(Ailing Tai), she is a native race down far south of Taiwan, and for some reasons all natives are amazing at singing, her voice is amazing here too, her nickname is "Iron Lung Queen".

sidenote: been so busy(playing) that I haven't updated at all, but I'm sure Kenn's been giving you guys stuff =d

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