Bringing Home Catherine

10:10 PM

I'm saying this now: if you're easily offended by sexy 2D women, who are clothed, mind you, then you may find the rest of this post offensive. And if you are, you're either under 13, have or are being seriously mollycoddled by your parents/guardians, or you have been living under a rock on Jupiter for the last 2000 years.

As many of you can guess, I've finally gotten my hands on the deluxe 'Love is Over' edition of Catherine (PS3, though it should be glaringly obvious). The colour of the box looks a little different from the top image because this one was before I remembered to take off the plastic wrapping on the box. The PS3 box art seems to have garnered more parodies than the 360 has (for obvious reasons). I'm going to have a hard time finding a safe place for this box though. ^^; Closet is full of Gunpla, Figma and Nendo boxes, along with the usual clothing and other junk (like bodies), resulting in me having no extra storage space. If anyone knows how to harness hammerspace, please do contact me.

The Catherine box art cover easily slides off to reveal the true 'deluxe' packaging: a delivery pizza box from Vincent's hangout, the Stray Sheep bar! All the goodies (including the game) are crammed into the box, which is why the box is much deeper than any pizza box you'd normally find. Size wise though, it's about right for a small pizza. The colour palette reminds me of Little Caesar's.

Haven't started the game yet, but the puzzle part of the game (the action-puzzle aspect of the game) features a scantily clad Vincent, in his boxers that Atlus has recreated for anyone hoping to immerse themselves even deeper into the game by dressing like Vincent! Will I be wearing these? Probably not. They're too big for me.

Everything else comes neatly wrapped in this package; the Artbook/sound disk and the game are wrapped in three layers of protection!

The game and the artbook-sound disk. Art book isn't as art-book-y as my Pandora Hearts or Tony Taka art books, but does certainly feature some gorgeous illustrations. The cover is also scrumptious.

Close up of the sound disk. I believe that this is currently the sexiest CD I own. ^^; Haven't given it a whirl yet, but the foreword says that many of the songs of the disk are remixes of classical pieces, so I'm hoping to recognize a good number of them.

Deluxe edition comes with the Empty Heart's t-shirt (that's apparently worn by Catherine in game). Like the boxers, this is a US Mens Large (too big for me). The empty hearts are the only thing on the t-shirt; it's otherwise a plain white t-shirt.

Last, but not least, is perhaps the most obnoxious feature of this (by North American standards, as pillow covers aren't as unusual in Japan than it is here). It's apparently like the pillow that Vincent carries in the puzzle parts of the game (I'm sure it doesn't have Catherine plastered on it). If I were living alone, I might have it out of the box sitting somewhere, but seeing as I don't, the pillowcase will probably not see daylight for a while. Also, it supposedly fits all standard sized pillows, but as you can see, it's also a tad bit big for my pillow (this is my secondary pillow; it keeps me from bashing my face into the wall when I roll over). I'm beginning to think that they just made everything really big for the North American release (everything's bigger in the States after all). I don't think the 360 version has Katherine (yes, there's a Catherine and a Katherine in the game) on the pillow case.

Ending shot. Ending remarks. Haven't started the game yet. It's not exactly a family oriented game, so I'm going to wait for a time when I can play it without having the scornful eyes of my parents burning holes into the back of my head, or shooing my 10 year old sister out of the room so that I can play a game without corrupting her innocence (though I think that anyone who listens to Miley Cyrus has already been corrupted, personal opinion, don't hate). Hopefully will have the Summer anime run down up later tomorrow.

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