Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 夢喰い白黒バク

9:55 AM

Awesome song. #1 on last week's rankings.

Title: 夢喰い白黒バク, Yume Kui Shiro Kuro Baku, Monochrome Dream Eating Baku
Producer: Nem
PV: たま
Vocaloid: 鏡音レン

Kenn's Comment: Awesome, awesome song.  'バク' (baku) can either mean a tapir, or 獏, a dream eating spirit (that's more or less now depicted as a tapir, ex. Drowsee in Pokemon). I'm either guessing that it's in katakana because the kanji for tapir is kind of complex, or they were hoping to interpret it another way?

Anywho, again awesome song. The style of the song really fits the PV. I'm not usually a fan of Len's voice, but this one really makes it work well. Except for that little 'hoo' in between the chorus and first verse and in other places. Also, English subbed PV here.

Lots of awesome covers of this one too. Here's a few of my favourites.




Looks like Clear had a hand in this one; he's credited as 'Vocal direction', which I don't see in the other ones. I guess Clear and Puruto are friends?

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