Song of the Week - 翼をくあださい

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Image by Alphonse

While Miku is unrelated to said song (for the most part) the general meaning of the image (okay, it's just the wings) is related. 

This one will look a tad bit different. Tried to change things up a bit due to the history and epicness of this song.

タイトル: 翼をください
歌手: 赤い鳥
ジュンル: ポップ
シングル: 翼をください
アルブン: 竹田の子守唄
ビンテージ: 1971年7月25日

ケンの概評: If you've watched (through to the end) けいおん!, 日常, or Evangelion Rebuild 2.0 (I can't remember if it was in the movie itself, or only on the OST), then you probably would recognize this one. Like Secret Base, albeit older), it's been covered and use many, many times through the years. Heck, it's even popular among Western folks, as there's at least one or two covers using a translated version. 

Anywho, this one is the original, all the way back from '71, that people very often do not know of. All too often I've seen people (usually unaware that it's a cover of a song that old) saying that the song is a cover from K-ON or something like that. Hopefully they'll find this post and never frolic in ignorance again. 

Anywho, kick back, and enjoy the lovely song. I'll link a few of the covers below.

Susan Boyle (英語/EN)

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