Happy New Year!

11:59 PM

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Alright, so first off, I'd like to wish y'all a happy a new year. Going into the next decade, and a whole new chapter of my life in the new year. A few things I want to do with this post. Reflect on the passing year, resolutions for next year, and things I did today, which will probably come first.

So, Jason messaged me earlier today asking if I wanted to come over. I declined his offer, sticking around until my mom came home. I forgot all about his offer by then. He called again at nine, and I took up the offer this time around. Sam stopped by, with Chris as his navigator, and Darren as excess baggage, and gave me a lift up to Jason's place. I guess it was supposed to be a new years bash, though it was pretty dreary to be one. Poker was played, iTouch games went on, laughs were had.

Keith went off to play Demon's Soul, invading other people, and being met with little success. He lost three soul levels while he was at it. He then switched to online play with Street Fighter IV, where unlike Demon's Soul, he won all the matches he was in. Calvin took a shot at it, but wasn't used to the PS3 controller and lost.

Sam left fairly early, with Chris and I hitching a ride with him.

Last year, we were at Jason's til around one, with sparkling fruit juices and stuff. A stark difference from whatever happened this year.

Anywho, onto my reflections of this year.

Hm. Much of the first half of the year was Grade 12. Aside from the work and stress, I'd say that that the second half was so much more fun than the first half. For one, I chopped physics and math from my schedule, which relieved so much pressure off my back. Spent one of my free blocks with Ed and Kevin, spent afterschool tuesdays with Chris in the Market. Fridays afterschool at Jason's place.

Grade wise, I wish I could've done better. There's no point in crying over spilt milk, but it's just one of those things where you just kick yourself after you think about it.

Went to Texas again, and spent a month or two frying my brains out in the Texan sun. It was fun though. Minus the lack of internet of course. I'm quite dependent on the internet. Some of my cousins are coming over in the summer.

Anywho, my top ten resolutions.
  1. Keep my grades at school up
  2. Finish my 1/100 Blue Frame
  3. Redesign my blog
  4. Get a job
  5. Exercise
  6. Procrastinate less
  7. Procrastinate less
  8. Exercise
  9. Procrastinate less
  10. Exercise

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