6 Series, 12 characters

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One of these series, is not like the other. Answer after the jump.

That series is Lotte no Omocha. I'll explain later on in the post.

Well, the three series on the first row I've talked about previously in an earlier post here. The bottom row changes things up a little bit. Nicoichi is pretty much the same circumstances as My Girl, though there's quite a twist in the parenthood. Yotsuba&! is the most light hearted series of the six, and is about Yotsuba's everyday life, rather than the development of a parent-child relationship. In Lotte no Omocha, Asuha isn't quite as major of a character s the other kids are.

Let's talk about the characters now.

I'd say that the best dad's of the six are Kazama, Kawachi and Kowai. Coincidentally, their family names all begin with a K.

Kazama is probably the most normal dad. Like the story, he's portrayed as a human, rather than just another manga character.

Daikichi has the oldest child, though it's not shown in the picture, Rin is in high school in later chapters. He is also the only one who is not directly related to his child. Along with Kouta, he has the least experience as a parent, but he works hard to keep Rin happy.

Kouta is probably one of the least ideal fathers out there, unless you really want an otaku for a father. However, that doesn't mean I'm saying that he's a bad dad. He's not quite the ideal, as Kanau realizes, but he's not incompetent. He screws up from time to time, but he'll fix things eventually.

I would've put Makoto Suda up there instead of Kowai, but he's raised Takashi as a "mother", so he's instantly disqualified. He's not a transexual, but more like a cross dresser with a reason. He's good at it too, both the parenting and cross dressing.

Kowai's a good dad. He's a bit odd, but he's not a bad dad. He's learnt a lot of things since he started to raise Yotsuba, like cooking and other things.

Finally, we have Touhara Maoya. He's the youngest of the six, and also he's in the oddest circumstances. Asuha isn't too much of an important character until a few chapters in, so I can't say much about his parenting. I do want to talk about the author. Haga Yui is quite a prominent H-artist. He's got a lot of loli work too, making Lotte no Omocha pretty much a less ecchi form of his work.

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