Winter Anime Previews 8 - れでぃ×ばと!

12:24 PM

Alrighty. It's been a day or more since I last put one of these up. I've got a few series left before I'm finished with the previews.

Edit: Just found a few more trailers. xD

Title: れでぃ×ばと!, Ladies vs Butlers
Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance
Airs: 01/05 22:00
Animation Studio: XEBEC

Summary from MangaUpdates:
Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncle's family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiryou Gakuin, a school which was re-built from an elite girls' school. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department (the place to train maids & butlers). He wants to become a butler, although his appearance scares the ladies. Akiharu has a sinister look in his eyes, a scar on his right eyebrow, and bristled up hair. Add 3 piercings on his ears and he indeed has a typical bad boy look on him.

He meets his "nemesis" at that school, Saikyou Tomomi, a girl with a two faced character who traumatized him many times since they were kids. Another girl named Cernia Iori FlameHeart chases after him because of his looks and calls him suspicious. Still, Akiharu starts finding his feet at the school and his relationships with the girls also get better...
Kenn's Comment:
Ah. The same character designer as Kanokon. If anything, I'd say, based on the preview, that there'll be fanservice galore. Not extreme fanservice, like QB, but fanservice nonetheless. I hear that its a nice, cute story, so I'll probably look into it. If it's like Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu though, I don't know how long I'll be able to keep watching it.


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