Boxing Day is War

1:39 PM

Alrighty, so I went with my cousins and their friends to Future Shop on Bridgeport to play our roles as consumers. Photo-heavy post, includes Christmas dinner.

My cousins thought that the guy there looks a bit like me. I can sorta see the resemblance...

My cousin cooked the dinner this year. Ham and turkey was bought, but everything else was made. Tasty dinner. Very filling.

My plate. Ham, salad, risotto, and mashed potatoes. Had a baked potato after too.

We lined up @ Future Shop @ 8 pm. It wasn't that bad then. Heavy fog, but there were only four people before us. The store opens at 6 am by the way.

It's pretty much empty here in the lot. The fog is slightly clearer here. Killed time by listening to music (on my iPod Shuffle to save batteries on my iTouch for the games), and jamming to DJ Max Fever on my PSP. My fingers eventually and inevitably got too cold to play DJ Max


Big red sign.  The line up didn't start growing until around 12 am. My cousins and their friends were after a killer deal on a nice TV. $600 for Sharp Aquos 40" 1080p LCD HDTV. Limited quantity. xD But we were at the front of the line, so as long as you could get there first you could pull over a bunch for everybody.

Bad photo, but the dog wouldn't keep still. He's my cousin's friend's dog. Friendly little guy.


A guy at the front of the line brought this out later in the night when the temperature outside dropped to it's lowest.  It hovered around -2 or 0 from around 11 until the store opened at 5:45. We roasted mini-marshmallows and kept kinda warm by the fire while people behind us looked on with envious eyes.

Spoils of war. A new laptop and a red bull. Quite scary once everyone's let in. The laptops were locked up in a cage, so getting your hands on one required the assistance of an employee, which were in high demand, though not enough in supply. A majority of the check out stalls didn't accept cash, so I had to follow the guy helping me through the store. Got it in the end. Still gotta go to Best Buy and exchange my 360 copy of Assassin's Creed II for a PS3 copy. My mom got it for the wrong system. ^^; Probably have to pick up a copy of Microsoft office too.

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