Manga of ze Week - ヤンデレ彼女

8:01 PM

Yes, yes, I know. It's Monday. Been playing more of Demon's Soul as of late, and I've been on the PS3 all day. =w= Almost finished, and there's an event this week.

Anywho, I still need to get my camera back from Jason (I've forgotten to get it three days in a row now), and I'm gonna try getting a piece of poster board for Miku's photo gallery. Gonna try and make myself a photo box thingy. It'll work out fine. Once I get my camera.

Title: ヤンデレ彼女, Yandere Kanojo
Author: Shinobi
Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance
Serialized in: Square Enix Gan Gan Joker, Square Enix Gan Gan Online
Total Volume Count: 1 (ongoing)

Summary from MangaUpdates:
Tanaka Manabu is a geeky student, on the way to school he meets a girl carrying a bloody bat. That girl is Ryuuzaki Reina, leader of the school's female delinquents. It's love at first sight. A gag manga (with a combination of 4koma and normal page) about having a yankee dere-dere girlfriend.
Kenn's Comment: 
Uh. I can't remember whether I've done this series yet. I feel like I have, but it'll keep going. Anywho, the "yandere" in this title, is a play on the words "yankee" (delinquent), and "dere". Put them together, and you've got "yandere". It doesn't refer to the "dark love" yandere.

With that aside, it's a fun series. Manabu's great, and Reina's reactions are gold. She looks best in that miniskirt...and that yukata.

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