Winter Anime Previews 12 - ちゅーぶら!!

7:08 PM

Hoo. Think this was the last of the trailers. Rest of them will just be tractors.

(You'd have to know that those big hauling trucks are called "tractor-trailer combinations" to get that.)

Going to a party tomorrow. I'll try to remember to bring my camera for some shameless self-advertisement.

Title: ちゅーぶら!!、Chu-Bra!!
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
Airs: 01/04 23:30
Animation Studio: ZEXCS

Summary from Greener (jCafe):
It's about a girl who loves underwear so much she tries to start an underwear club at school.
Tons of fan service.
Kenn's Comment:
Sorry. It was the only summary I could find. Not the greatest, but I didn't want to make a summary, or else it'd make my comment section obsolete.

Anywho, it's about a girl a who loves underwear, yes. But she's also very knowledgeable about them, and the underwear club serves to educate students about what types of undergarments suit their specific needs. It's educational...though not academically, unless high schools have started testing people on the different types of bras there are...

(click the link to go to the official site. better quality there)

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