Bánh lọt

8:04 PM

Haha. Sorry, that's Miku, not Bánh lọt

Anywho, if you've never had Bánh lọt before, you don't know what you're missing! 

Bánh lọt is a Vietnamese desert made from pandan leaves and water chestnut flour. Don't know what you'd call it in English. It's fairly bland tasting by itself, but when served with other things, like in Chè ba màu (three coloured "sweet soup", similar to 糖水) or with a sweet syrup, among other things. My mom makes it for the restaurant our family owns, and during the winter, she leaves some at home, as it's a cold dessert, and doesn't sell as much as it does in the summer.

That aside, I've had lots of photos with Kagami, so I decided to give Miku some spotlight. Just realized I haven't done her photoshoot yet, so I'll get that done within the next week or so...hopefully. Getting stuff for school and stuff if quite a hassle.

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