Audition Prep...

10:41 PM

Image by Kyuu Umi
(Steinway & Zuns) xD


Despite that line, this post will not be in Japanese.

Anywho, playing along with T.K.'s post, I too am preparing for an exam of sorts. Except in my case, there's no failing or passing. I'm either in or not. Quite nerve-wracking. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick from anxiety.

My audition is tomorrow morning, at 9 a.m. Yes, that's 9 a.m. Getting to the university almost takes an hour and a half, throw in rush hour traffic, and finding the room, and you have a Kenn that's leaving at around 6 in the morning? Sound like hell? You bet your ass.

I've been preparing for a few months now, and I've written 3 piano pieces to display my talent (or lack of) at composition. Two one page wonders, geared towards beginning players, and one whopping-six-page-non-stop-action-packed-beast of a piece. It requires quite a bit of skill and strength to play, as it is quite loud. Speaking of that six pager, I spent a majority of today finishing it. I don't feel like making a good copy of it. I think I'll just show it to them like it is. The other two aren't so hard, as they have less notes, and less complexities to them.

Still nervous about this, since my university life rides on this brief event. I've practiced so much for this.


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