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T^T To kill time, I've been going through my older anime series on my PS3. Only handful of the will play on the machine, and it's hard trying to find ones I really want to watch, but the ones I have include Lucky Star, Minami-ke and more. Okay, so it was those two, plus Ghost Hunt. Anywho, more about my experience after the jump.


Touching flashbacks always get to me. Like Episode 22, Part B of Lucky Star, which I recently just watched. The entire sequence with Kanata was just so touching. The music used for that sequence really hits the spot. As a composer and otaku, the music placement in anime really can change the experience.

Anywho, I'm nearing the end of Lucky Star, and I'm deciding what to watch next. I wanted to watch something fun, but most of them won't play on the PS3. =w= Watching it on a big TV screen makes the experience seem that much more fun when you compare it to the computer. It's just not something I normally do.

Rewatching the series really brings back memories. How long ago did it originally air? It's almost been 2 years now. Seeing Kagamin and Konata animated again put a smile on my face. When I think back to how long ago it was when I first watched it, it really leaves a lump in my throat. It's just been so long, and yet it sticks with you like herpes. Not that I would know, personally.

Knowledge comes from studying. In that aspect, I suppose I'm like Miyuki. I'm rather fond of doing research on random things that come up in everyday conversations, like herpes and the history of G**dam and M**ross. Personality wise, I'm probably somewhere in between Kagamin and Konata. Although TK would argue otherwise.

One of my favourite series I have in my collection. A friend and I watched this series so long ago. It's been three years since it first aired. It's hard to believe that that much time has passed me by. It's one of the first series that I watched, and probably the series I'm most likely to rewatch.

When it comes to games and anime, my memory seems to be wonderful, so I tend to remember what's going to happen. Why couldn't that memory help me in school? Anywho, despite knowing what would come next, the series still kept me on edge. I believe I recommended it to Andrew, but he refused to watch it, due to his phantasmaphobia (fear of ghosts, phantoms, and other supernatural beings). The Doll's House and Bloodstained Labyrinth arcs are the two scariest by far. The Cursed House runs up as third. Ayako's exorcism in The Cursed House arc gave my goosebumps. I cget them just thinking about that scene. It was just that awesome.

=w= As much as I enjoyed the series, I'd have to say that I enjoyed the two series above more than this one this time around. Seeing Ono Daisuke as Hosaka again was fun though. He's such an awesome character. It also made me remember the animation difference between the first season and second season. =w= Not something I particularly wanted to remember. You get used to it eventually, but it just never quite feels the same.

Now, I need to find some other series to watch. Quite difficult when you don't have that many series that'll play on the machine. Most of the series I have in my collection are in .mkv format, and won't play on the PS3. Even series like Air and Kanon are in .mkv format. ^^; Back when I was just a fledgling of an otaku, I didn't bother keeping series that I had finished, so I often deleted them after watching. But when I stared to store series, I decided to nab those older series, only finding the .mkv format ones still alive.

Anyway, expect to hear from me later today. More winter updates still to come!

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