Kenn's New Friend

10:45 AM

It may not look like much, but I feel like my life has come full circle.
Lost track of where it went. Hoping that this introduction doesn't end up posthumous for it.

A bit hard to see, I apologize for the photography skills, or rather, lack of in this case, but there is most certainly a caterpillar amongst those leaves. Found the little guy in the washroom, believe it or not, hanging onto a towel. Brought it upon to myself to coax the little critter off of the soft, pastel coloured towel, and onto a nice plant (that happens to be my uncle's). Dashed off to grab my camera to snap a few shots of it.

In kindergarten, our class raised a bunch of caterpillars as a science thing. That was way back in my childhood. More than a decade later, here I am again, watching the life cycle of a caterpillar/ butterfly (possibly a moth). Not too sure what species this is. Tried looking it up online, but that proved fruitless. I do have a book on wildlife, but it seems to be missing. Knowing my sister, she probably took it somewhere, scribbled all over it and hid it so no one would ever see what she did to it.

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