Lunch: Minami-ke

4:37 PM

Pasta, Mandarin oranges, and a coffee that you can't see. Need a better camera. Can't really see Minami-ke playing on the TV, but it's there. Perhaps the table is too far from the TV.

I was planning to re-watch a few episodes of Seto no Hanayome, but the audio didn't seem to work for them, so I ended up watching the first few episodes of the first season of Minami-ke. Been a long time since I watched them. Gotta say that the first season was the best of any of the Minami-ke seasons, with season three coming in second. Looked very nice on the TV playing from the PS3. May make this a morning ritual for me. ;o; Too bad only my oldest series will play on the PS3. Doesn't support .mkv files ;o;

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