Fright Nights

1:32 AM

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Aights, so we (Ivy, Karen, Janelle, Barbara, Sara, plus two people who left early and shall remain nameless), went down to the PNE for the Fright Nights (Halloween event thing) today...or yesterday since it's past midnight. Anywho, being an idiot, I didn't bring a jacket, and froze my way through ze night. I still feel like I'm on one of the rides. This isn't very fun. Gah. Happy Birthday Ivy!...although it was..on the 30th, and now it's November 1st.

Run down of ze day: Meet, shop, bus, wait, PNE, wait.

Running late, so I jumped on the first train that came by. Guess what? Everyone else was running late too. My timing is impeccable. Karen was dressed up as a "cop" which ended up looking more like Lady Gaga. ₩ ₩ ₩ (inside joke.) I was a student. Because I'm not one right now, it works! The rest of them didn't buy it.

Ran around Pacific Center while the girls bought stuff..okay so maybe a few people bought stuff. Awkward moment, as the invisible barrier repelled the guys (there's three guys) from entering the lingerie section of H&M. One member of the party left, as we departed for the PNE.

Bus: Harsh j-walked, which resulted in Janelle losing both her necklace, and bus pass. Not much happened on the bus other than that.

Wait: Waited a while in line to get in. Quite chilly out today. The animatronics at the entrance weren't very great. Only one movement at a time. ₩...

PNE: The brunt of this post should be here.

Went through the haunted houses. The first one we went in (Hollywood) was pretty scary, although it didn't phase me too much. Not bragging, but I'm saying that honestly. After Demon's Soul on the PS3, stuff jumping out at me and hiding behind stuff doesn't phase me. Plus I had two girls clinging to my arms so that if anything jumped out, they'd be engaging me in full body exercises.We met up with the rest of the group, and when through Hollywood again. Again, I was engaged in full body exercises, by even more girls this time. Got separated from Ivy, who ended up clinging on to two random guys, who would join our group for a bit.

Went through another house, "Asylum". I didn't like that one too much. It was dark, and I don't like the dark when I know there are things out there. One part of it was two inflatable walls pressed close together, and you sidle through it. I think it was this one where there was a prop-barrel with a animatronic dude in it who'd pop up and flip open the barrel lid. My arm was right above the lid, and it smacked my elbow really, really hard. Ow.

"Hey Ivy, do you know this feels like?"
"Don't say it."

I can say it now. I felt like a penis! Anyway, that aside, the other houses weren't that great. The maze was terrible. The only scary person in there was an axe-toting clown in a section with a bunch of rubber chickens.

What scared me most at the PNE were the rides. I'll say it now. I'm terrified of heights (as well as spiders.) Squirmed by way out of Hells Gate, and the Coaster. Went on the pirate ship, and holy carpadoodles, that thing isn't good for me. All the other rides I went on weren't that bad though.  After she saw one of her friend's brother doing that to his friend, she started. Not too many times though, since most of it we were chatting.The Ferris wheel was okay, except when it stopped at the top. That wasn't fun.

Anywho, half the group left for home, while the other half (including me and ivy) stuck around for a little bit longer. We went through Hollywood (first haunted house) again, and on a few rides. The musical express was hard for me to do. The person sitting on the outside gets squished by the person on the inside because of the spinning motion. So I was gonna sit on the outside, but Ivy directed me to in the inside seat. Bad idea. Held on to the safety bar for dear life to prevent me from crushing the poor girl. My efforts paid off...I think. Ivy had her fun squishing me on the Scrambler though. The Ferris wheel was okay, except when it stopped at the top. That wasn't fun.

Wait: Called my mom to ask her to drop Ivy and Sara at their places, and for a ride home. Walked up to a McD's where we witnessed a woman freaking out at her boyfriend. Awkward situation much. That's pretty much the day. xD Yep.

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