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5:33 PM

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Okay, so not really. Went out to help Ivy & co. with their film project, where I found myself as a freezing actor.

Let's start at the beginning of my day, shall we?

So I left the house, with my destination set for Patterson Station, quite far from my house. Two long bus rides, and a short skytrain trip got me there. After finding Ivy & co., we then had to wait for the other two people to show up. The fifth person showed up, but after waiting for a half hour, the sixth didn't show up. Being frozen to the core (only Ivy was actually), we (Ivy decided) to seek warmth and shelter at Metro. Waaaaaaaarmthhhhh....

And this brings us to the second leg of my day. Here we walked around and went to the Disney Store (again, Ivy and Megan's idea). Reliving our childhoods, and glomping and "d'haaawing" at everything.

"I had Buzz and Woody before"
"I still have a Woody if you know what I mean."

From there, we headed off to Toy R Us to relive our childhood some more, and more bad jokes from me. Anywho, we discussed where to go, and after spinning an umbrella to point us in the direction we wanted to go, we ended up entering T&T, a chain of Asian super markets (Ivy's idea). Asparagus juice anyone? After walking through the aisles, we set our destination for the Food court to grab some grub. Had Korean short ribs with rice and vegetables, while I got Ivy a Korean mix of noodles, chicken and vegetables. The plates are pretty big, and short ribs are impossible to eat. They're what I usually give my dog. Anywho, we were all warmed up with food in our systems, and with a replacement for the sixth person on his way, we headed back for Patterson station, which leads us to the third leg of my day.

Ivy & co. did a bit of filming, and I sat and became a guard dog for all the equipment that they weren't using. It was cold. But I didn't mind. I sat diligently, eyeing everyone who passed by. Okay, so I didn't. I was playing games on my iTouch. Anywho, the replacement for the sixth person showed up. Not sure how to spell his name, but it sounded something like "Dee". Anywho, he was a friend of Ivy's, and with everyone present, the filming could get underway. A short while into the filming, Dee took a fall, and needed to be patched up. So Ivy accompanied him to the next station, Metro, to get patched up. The rest of us remained under the Patterson station, with nothing much to do. I once again whipped out the iTouch and started gaming til my hands went numb from the cold. That might have been the longest half hour I've experienced. Anywho, once they returned, the filming continued. My part came and went, and the filming came to a conclusion. By now, the temperature outside was dipping below 5°C, and we were all freezing. The party disbanded, and we each went our own ways. This is the beginning of the final leg of the day!

Hopped on the skytrain, and went down a station to Joyce, where I found Fiona,  a friend from high school waiting for the bus. Chatted for a little bit, and then the bus came. By now, I really needed to use the washroom, but with no washroom for a while, I'd have to hold it in. Fiona got off a stop before me, and after I got off, I had to wait for another bus to get me home. Still holding it in, as there wasn't any washrooms around. The next bus came, and I hopped on. On this bus, I found Jason T. on his way home. Chatted with him for a bit before he got off. I could feel my bladder under all the pressure of holding it in. It was becoming a tad bit painful then. The bus reached my stop, the terminus, and I hopped off, and began the homestretch. I have to say, that might've been the happiest I've been to be in the washroom for a long time. Back in the warm indoors.

Anywho, that's about it. If Ivy & co. put the video up on YT, I'll see if I can find it and put it up on ze blog.

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