Manga of ze Week - 破天荒遊戯

1:09 PM

Image by Endou Minari

Title: 破天荒遊戯, Hatenkou Yuugi, Unprecedented Game, Dazzle (US title)
Author: Endou Minari
Genre: Shoujo, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Serialized in: Ichijinsha Comic Zero-Sum, Square Enix GFantasy, Tokyopop (US license)
Total Volume Count: 11 (ongoing)

Kenn's Comment: I guess it's a love-it-or-hate-it series, looking at all the reviews up on MangaUpdates. If it ain't a high rating, it's a low rating. I rather like the series, and I'd recommend it to people for reading. I don't see why people complain about the art. I think it's perfectly fine. Maybe they're reading terrible scans or something. Oh, speaking of art, I love how Rahzel has a different outfit every outing. They're always cute too. Coming from her running-gag-bag-of-infinite-holding. I'm guessing the people who are giving really low rating for the manga are the type of people who think Kubo Tite's art is awesome, isn't. Oh and, yes there's an anime for the series. But I don't really think that the anime does the series justice.

Summary from MangaUpdates:
A young girl named Rahzel is booted out of her house one day by her father with the instructions to 'see the world.' And so her journey begins. However, she won't be doing it alone... for she befriends a stoic young man named Alzeid seeking revenge for his father's murder.
Alzeid and Rahzel are like oil and water... but even still, they feel strangely drawn to one another. This could be either the result of an underlying attraction -- or their shared powers with magic. And so, the two reluctant allies travel from town to town, using their powers to help the helpless, while discovering their own respective places in the world.

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