New Vocaloids

8:51 PM

Image by Kurohara Yuu

Well, it's not the Vocaloid I talked about here. But they're new. Not by Crypton or Internet, but by a new company, AH-Soft.  There's three of them b t dubs. They're set to be released December 4th. And they're after the jump.

Loliroid 歌愛ユキ (Kaai Yuki)

Complete with red (ランドセル) randoseru and recorder. The demo doesn't really make her sound that loli-though. Maybe it's just that I'm used to loli's sounding like Kugimiya Rie...
Yuki sounds a bit like Miku to me...but that's only the demo. Her voice sampling is actually from a child. ^^"

Kaito 氷山キヨテル (Hiyama Kiyoteru)

He sounds a bit like Kaito, and has already been made into Yuuki's teacher. From the demo, I can't really see anything special about any aspect, including his character design (apart from the fact that he's a normal human character).


She's the third one, though she's a tad bit different from the other two. She's more like the other Vocaloids (Miku and co.), though at the same time not. She's got doll-joints (sorta like Rozen Maiden), which sets her apart from the more human everybody else. Nevertheless, she's the more popular of the three, already having a few pages on Danbooru. I personally like her better than Yuki and sensei Kiyoteru. Like Yuki and Kiyoteru, Miki's created by AH-Software, though she's got backing from another company, HEARTFAST.

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