Song of the Week - 突撃ラブハート

10:02 AM

Can't even call yourself remotely otaku if you don't know this song. More info and versions after the jump.

^^" I'm pretty sure I knew Macross before I knew Gundam. Somewhat prefer the Macross series of Gundam series too. It's a song from Macross 7 btw.

Title: 突撃ラブハート, Totsugeki Love Heart, Charge! Love Heart
Artist: Firebomber (fictional band)
Genre: Rock
Album: Let's Fire!!!, Ultra Fire!!!, Fukuyama Fire! (and there's probably more)

突撃ラブハート (acoustic)

突撃ラブハート Anisong 09(Fukuyama Yoshiki + May'n)

Yes, that's an awesome duet.

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