Exploring with Kagami

5:16 PM

Hm. It seems that the two cameras I used aren't that great. I want my camera back!

Anywho, Kagami decided to explore ze house (or part of the house). She learned that Kenn's habitat isn't quite as simple as it seems.

Hoping of getting more pictures, and a photo shoot  of Miku (which I had promised so long ago), but I still haven't gotten over my fear of breaking her when I'm swapping out parts. Miku seems more poseable compared to Kagami, so maybe I'll start having her participate in more shoots. Hoping to get myself a figma Seto San (Seto no Hanayome) in the near future. Can think of a cool shot with her.

First stop was the living room. It's hard to see, but the PS3's in the background. Anywho, Kagami (and almost everyone else) found it really warm in there. And yes, she's holding a strawberry.

Next up was my room. It's quite cold compared to the oddly-warm living room. Kagami's learned from her past mistakes. She now crosses her legs when sitting on high objects to avoid panty shots like in her photo shoot.

Gave her a nice blanket to stay warm. Yes, it's the same picture as the top one.

Outside my room is the foyer. It doesn't seem to recieve any heating, so it's very cold here. Kagami refused to go here, so I had the Ingram Unit take her place. Product placement. Can you spot it?

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