Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza Ep. 6

12:52 PM

Well, for starters the episode was gorgeous compared to the last five episodes. And I do mean it was beautiful...visually. It's a spoiler for the episode, so the rest of it's after the jump.


Haruka's parents before they were married. Note that even for them we didn't get a kiss. It bodes ill for the couple in the present.

Angry mob of girls equals cock block...not saying that Yuuto would ever get that far.


A beautiful shot of the moon. One of the scenes that made me smile in the episode. On a related note, I haven't finished Sora no Manimani....

Haruka starts saying that her body feels hot...she's in her underwear. Hey Yuuto...not many guys are given a chance like that. it comes...

FACK!! That mop. Give it to me. I shall shred it into millions of pieces for ruining that PERFECT MOMENT. The feeling I had at that moment was about equal to the third episode of Endless Eight.

Another gorgeous scenery shot. Enlarge the picture and you can see Haruka and Yuuto...sorta.

I zoomed into that little spot for you guys. Kidding. Another beautiful shot.
More rage to come though.

Zoomed in again! Kidding. Again. Rage is next.

KISS! We all waited forever this to happen.

This might turn out to be my favourite episode so far. The only time we've had a kiss. I'm trying to think of a shounen series that has a kiss between a couple. Can't think of any off the top of my head.


Beautiful end shot to calm my raging anger.

Right. So you now know why I'm raging. Anywho, a shot or two from episode four.

Yes. He just proposed. Oh Yuuto. Get dressed. Don't pop the question in your pajamas!

And a ring to seal the deal. I don't remember ever seeing that ring again...

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