Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 7

8:52 PM

The thing I like about this series, is it's ability to switch between drama, and comedy seamlessly. Not many series can do things like this. Anywho, episode 7 was great. Hit read more to see why.

As Minatsu's character was developed, Aka-chan's gone the other, and pretty much degenerated into quite the annoying character.

"Chizuru-san,  can I touch your breasts?"
"Fine, but just a little bit"
"'s too far..I give up"

Student Council is outside the school? IMPOSSIBLE!

Minatsu didn't pack much.

Mafuyu only packed games. Mafuyu is actually super strong if she can lug that around.

 Aka-chan's pack is unsurprisingly childish. Ever since the shift in character, I've been slowly starting to disklike her. She only shines when she's with Chizuru.

Do you really want to know what's in Chizuru's pack?

Like Minatsu, no one recognizes Mafuyu without her ribbon...yes, even her own sister doesn't recognize her.

Male bondage. Kinky. The real things you should be starring at in this image are Minatsu's boobs.

Morning and everyone's present! Wait..where's Sugisaki?

Eyecatch. Yes, all that was the first half.

The council continues their trip by telling horror stories. Unsurprisingly, Aka-chan is utterly terrified of their stories. Minatsu's is generic, but Sugisaki's beat it out.

"Once upon a time there was a girl named Kurimu-chan. She worked as a maid for Sugisaki Ken for her entire life. The end."

And as punishment, everyone gets a change of characters, by changing the way they end their sentences.

Chizuru became a sheep, and please remember that giving wildlife money is strictly prohibited.
She's one dangerous sheep though, if she can get money like that.

This part was actually quite nice. After all the hectic mokyuu, and horror stories, came the silent, low colour walk through the empty city in at dawn. Well placed, well done, and was effective.

Mokyuu lives on!!

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