4:51 PM

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Nothing important or big, or even worth blogging about, but I have nothing else to blog about, so what the hell.

My blog (Ha Gao/ turned one yesterday! Looking back on the posts I did back then, and looking at the ones I do now really shows how I've changed. It went from full on exposition, to a more common blogging form.

Back when the blog was first started up, it didn't look too much different. The layout hasn't changed since the first day ^^". What has changed are the various bells and whistles that I've added.

It started out with only Labels (not many at that time), and the blog archive (pretty small back then). Eventually, I added all the various 3rd party widgets, from a chatbox, to a slide show of my blog's mascot (who's evidently missing).

I've pared it down to the bare minimum once again, having only the Recent Posts, Blogger Friends, Labels and Blog Archive. Need to figure out a way to reintroduce Kaihaku back to the blog ^^". e_e Maybe I can figure out how to do rotating headers. If only. Sad face.

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