Kenn's Dinner

10:36 PM

Sorry, as delicious as that looks, it wasn't my dinner. It was actually my around 5pm. Miku and Kagami joined me for this scrumptious snack.

From left to right: apple, Miku, Mars bar, Dragon fruit, sweet potato, grapes, Kagami, grapes.

Anywho, my actual dinner was essentially a nice multicultural bowl of noodles.

In essence, it's Wonton noodle soup. Used a bit of soup from earlier in the day. Not sure what you'd call it, but it uses Chinese ingredients, dates, figs, longan, and carrots. There's an egg floating around somewhere in that bowl. That funny swirly thing is a pasta noodle. I had some lying around, so I threw it in. I added the soup base that you get with instant noodles to give it a bit more flavour.

Anywho, don't expect to hear from me until next Friday. I don't think there'll be anything worth blogging about in my rather plain life. You'll probably hear from me a lot during the week. Will be blogging about anime and manga. Plus, I might be having an outting tomorrow.

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