Breakfast with Kenn

1:12 PM

(=ω= ") Not sure what you call it, but it was tasty.


Anywho, I want to learn Japanese. ;o; I can only learn so much by myself. ;o; 助けて、お願い?

Back on topic now, not sure what you call it. the rice was kinda sweet, and the meatballs didn't get warmed up that much in the microwave. (=ω= ") The tea was warm though, so I guess that evens it out. Twas breakfast. Skipping lunch as usual. (=ω= ") Oh the life of Kenn.

Ate while watching Lucky☆Star. (=ω= ) Brings back so many fond memories. Those were the days. Ahhh.. (=ω= ) Feeling lazy now. So cold too.

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