Winter Anime Previews 5 v2 - おおかみかくし

11:57 PM

What more can you ask? Anime adaptation of a game by Ryukishi07 (of Higurashi and Umineko fame), with character designs by Peach Pit (Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara). Sounds like epic win to me. There really isn't any information on this one...

Title: おおかみかくし, Ookami Kakushi, Spirited Away by the Wolves
Genre: Mystery, Action, Horror
Airs: 01/07 25:59

Animation Studio: AIC

Summary from Wikipedia:
A 16 year old boy, Hiroshi Kuzumi, started to live in a new town that is located in the mountains. The town is separated into new and old streets by the river, and many mysterious local cultures still remain. Although confused and enjoying his new life, one person kept her distance from him: class committee member Kushinada Nemura. In their few encounters she gave him a word of advice: "Stay away from the old streets".

Kenn's Comment: 
Fweee! Fweee! A Ryukishi07 anime that's not by Deen? Blasphemy! Well, it's not a bad thing. AIC has some good series they've done, like Ah! Megami-sama, and Nyankoi!. Anywho, if they don't keep Peach Pit's character designs, I'll eat an apple. I won't do anything extreme, but for sure I won't be happy. No details for the anime have been released...and there's not that much info on the game either. It's kinda like the Haruhi movie that's coming out in the near future. No details. Sad face.


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