Figma Hatsune Miku Photo Gallery

5:28 PM

Image by hazuki

She's so smexy, isn't she? Anyways, as promised, I've finished Miku's photo shoot. Lighting problems hampered some of my photos, but I managed to iron them out. I got it out before the end of the year too.

Merry Christmas!

Click to view full size pictures. Looks much better like that. All of them.

Anywho, rolling right along. My new photo set up. It's pretty frugal and crude, but it gets the job done. I don't plan to redo my previous ones on this. Maybe one or two photos.

This shot's before ironing down all of the lighting things. Very bright. 

Got all the lighting down in from here on. Probably need to lower the camera a bit...

Close up of the photo before. She's so cute.

A bit of panchira there, but hardly noticeable. Miku and her iconic sprigs of negi. My photo editing software chopped off the top part of the photo when I went to rotate it. Sad face. Used photobucket, and it worked fine. = ="

Lovely pose. Not much to say about it. A photo is worth a million words anyways.

The box Miku came in was quite nice. Very futuristic, and also, very shiny. The inside has a mirror-finish, so I had to adjust the lighting to keep the reflections out. They're still there though. The mirror finish coats the inside of the back, and two sides, so it's almost like a kaleidoscope. 

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