Kenntabile to the Future

2:25 PM

Stuff costs too much these days. "orz
Need to win the lottery just to get enough stuff for school. "orz

'Tis my future workspace. Keyboard, MIDI Keyboard controller, and a laptop. Sounds great, but there are a few problems. 

1. Requires a laptop that works
The machine pictured can barely start itself up, and is riddled with problems which can't be fixed by simply reformatting it. I want to replace and upgrade parts, but getting a new machine might be better option. I want a Mac ;o;

2. Requires software
Finale is probably one of the best ones out there, and along with the other programs, it costs a little more than an arm and leg. $600. Yes, $600. The price is cut almost in half for students, however there's a lengthy document I have to do to be eligible for that discount. Plus, I'm not in school I don't think I'd be eligible at the moment. 
Now you're probably saying "Why don't you wait until you start then?"

Well, Finale, Sybellius, and other programs take a while to learn to use, like Photoshop. I'd rather not put myself through the tutorial while taking classes in school...though my course load isn't exactly heavy...

Anywho, aside from that depressing rant about money, here's a photo to get your mind off of that.

Yay for bad photos! It's actually not that bad...

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