Failed Otaku Haul

10:03 PM

Had a bit of an adventure today. Well, okay, it wasn't an adventure. Went out to get stuff. An otaku haul to be exact. Or at least I was hoping it'd be. Reycal photo shoot is iminent, and I've got a killer headache atm.

Was planning to pick up a Revoltech, as pictured, Assassin's Creed II, as pictured, and three volumes of manga. As you can see, I got everything but the manga.

Wondering how much that costed? My mom bought Assassin's Creed for me...a week ago. However it was for the 360, while I have a PS3. So I went and exchanged it today, the PS3 was cheaper by $20, so that twenty went to the revoltech, which then meant that the revoltech was half the price. The candy and ramune were $5 together, so that brings the grand total to about $25. Pretty good, I'd say.

Sakura Media was sold out of Keroro Gunsou. Sad face. I'll have to look for it another time. "orz

Went to my family's restaurant to pick up some food for my dad, who come home early after getting sick. It was super busy, and I ended up becoming an employee for an hour. Cleaning tables isn't all that hard, but when you're helping out an understaffed popular restaurant, it's serious business. Anywho, the food never got made, so I had to run around Richmond looking for some.

The power was out at President Plaza, and the intersection in front of it. Crossing the road was putting your life on the line and in the hands of Chinese drivers. Now, I'm not being stereotypical, heck I'm Chinese too, but being in the parking lot of Aberdeen Centre isn't fun. All the businesses at Pres Plaza were closed, though a cafe was still letting people in if they wanted to. Picked up the food at Aberdeen's food court, and hightailed it home.

Turns out my dad's already made the food I bought for him. "orz

My brother and sister don't do any chores at home either. Which then leads to me being blamed for not doing anything at home. Accursed useless siblings.

Recognize this face? If you've watched Bakemonogatari, then you should.

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