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Haha. I fail at that. I'll try and make a new one later.

Anywho, BEST OF KENN 2009 will be a series of posts celebrating the best and favourite posts of my friends, and I. So far Izzy, T.K. and Weej have given me their favourites, and I have my list of favourites, so until January 1st, I'll be putting them up. Izzy, T.K. and Weej's favourite posts will be put up day by day, though my favourites won't be limited to one a day. As the author of them, I feel a tad bit connected to them. xD

Today's BEST OF KENN is after the jump.

To start things off, I'll give Izzy's favourite post.

Free block Frenzy 1 (22/01/09)

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I'm pretty sure that the face is still on the inside of that locker too. ^^" It's our everlasting legacy. For a simple piece of paper and a gluestick, it really held well, considering none of us could peel it off. I sometimes miss those days, where we could just hang around. If there's every a reunion for our class, I'm definitely going to check if that's still there.

Anywho, the awesome face brings back fond memories every time I see it. Thanks for making this one of your favourite posts of mine, Izzy!

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