Revoltech Reycal Photo Shoot

1:17 PM

How can you say no to a face like that?

Alrighty, I spent most of yesterday at the PS3 figuring out the movement range and other aspects of my first revoltech. I'll have a comparison between the size of Reycal and my three other figma.

 She comes from the manga, オリハルコンレイカル (Orichalcum Reycal), by Tsunashima Shiro. It's probably one of the very few figures that are 1/1 scale. Yes, Reycal is about as small as this Revoltech is in the manga. 

Well first off, Reycal has a few more joints than most figma do. Her body is pretty much the same; ankles, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, elbows, wrists. However, she uses revoltech joints, sturdy and robust, though a bit lacking in movement. They're fine in her knees and elbows, heck even her ankles use them. But in her hips and shoulders, they're basically hinge joints, meaning they only go forward and back. To get a side to side motion, you'd need to change the positioning of the joint. Thankfully, Revoltech's are quite famous for having easily removable joints.

Reycal's quite balanced, as she can stand by herself without a stand. She also works with the Figma stand. Her clothing isn't quite as flexible as I hoped it would be. If you leave her in a pose that bends her clothing for a bit too long, you might have a crease in it. ^^; Learnt that the hard way.

You can't compare the looks of a Revoltech to a Figma. Figma look a whole lot nicer, though that's not to say that Revoltech can't look nice, as picture above. She's quite a catch, no? Sorry about the photo quality. Used the same set up as Miku's photoshoot, though it doesn't seem that it turned out that great this time around.

 Reycal comes with her Knight Eagle. In the manga, she uses this much like Athena's saints do with their cloths. She combines with the Knight Eagle to equip her armour. She also gains her weapon by combining with the Knight Eagle.

Crappy photo, yes. But it demonstrates the joints in her hair. She has quite a few of them too. A bit odd, though it allows for a whole new world of posing. Can show direction she's flying, the direction of the wind, etc.

 Full photo of the one at the top.

The Eagle's talons become her gauntlets. The "claws" fold back to allow the attachment of her hands, though if you forget to fold them back, she'll look something like that. Hitagi? Get that reference?

The beam came from one of my gunpla. It fits nicely into the hole that usually houses the peg in her hand. Makes her more mecha than her Knight Eagle.

She looks pretty darn cool with her armour on, though there are more than a few parts that need to be swapped and exchanged to get her into her armour. I'll have a few more photos up after my camera batteries finish recharging. I'll remember to include the mass of spare parts, and extra that came with her.

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