Right, I'm back(for who knows how long, lol)

11:45 PM

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Alright, I'm the "MIA" editor of this blog who haven't posted because I'm too busy at school, or maybe just because I'm lazy, anyways, I'm back(no school this semester) and I'm gonna start posting stuff.

I'm hoping to post about games, music, anime, some manga, and light novels on this blog, and maybe some life related stuff as well if I feel like it. Kenn hosts a variety of different special "corners" where he introduces new stuff, "Manga of the week", "Vocaloid of the Week"...etc
I'll be focusing on more of afterthought type of business, for example, after an episode of anime I'd probably post some thoughts about it, since that's what I did for my last blog, where I pretty much screen capped and started posting things and go through what happened. I'll also be posting music at random times as soon as I find something I'd really like to share. I don't really read manga online so I am out of date there, but if I do manage to read something or finish something, I would post, but I think I'd focus more on the light novels, which Kenn doesn't really read as he doesn't have access to them, while I don't really have immediate access I do still read them when I can. I play lots of games, I play online games as well, right now I'm playing League of Legends, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Star Craft 2, so I might go around posting my adventure...scores...etc, even if no one cares about it.

I'm Chinese, Taiwanese to be exact, and so I would be posting maybe music and literatures from the Chinese culture instead of just what this blog is mainly about, but probably not alot.

I know I'm annoying and just blabbering on, this is not that important, and I will try to keep myself working on this blog and not drop it just because I'm lazy. Wish me luck everybody! Hope to see you all soon!

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