Club Nintendo Fail: Zelda Soundtrack promotion issues!(With my Zelda pictures!)

6:52 PM

Nintendo sure attracted an angry mob today after failing their system to give out soundtracks to fans that rushed home to register the game. 

The promotion is badly designed so that you will get a popup message asking you to confirm that you would like to order a Zelda OST after registering and completing the registration survey. Many of us did not have the pop up message at all, which caused fans to panic first because they thought Nintendo ran out of the CDs already. Then we got to know that Nintendo screwed up real bad and the pop up did not show up for perhaps 99% of the people that registered the game. The customer service phone line and email address is full of anxious Zelda fans asking Nintendo and securing their copy of the OST(I did the same too).

Nintendo finally decided that it is time to "press the button" and they've decided to extend the offer(because the CDs would run out day 1 anyways). They promised a copy of the OST to everyone that registered the game before Midnight of June 20th, and we will have to confirm via email as they send them out within 7 days. (I've just received my confirmation email)

This was a real big mess and I would expect Nintendo to know better when they release something so big like Zelda, but their service was really nice so I'm sure everyone will still be happy!

Here are the pictures of my purchase of Zelda!

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