Zero no Tsukaima volume 13 afterthoughts

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Volume 13: Holy Empire's Gate of Worlds(Rough translation)

Well, since I read light novels, I think I'd start posting some afterthoughts too, if you don't want to get spoiled, don't come in, but I highly doubt I can spoil you guys since the anime is not continuing, and there are no english translations going(maybe there is, I don't read it in english).


Well, for obvious reasons I shall start with volume 13, this is directly after season 3 of the anime, despite the fact that the anime did a TERRIBLE job at conveying the story of Zero no Tsukaima series. I've only got up till 17th volumn, these light novel columns will go slow, depending on how fast I get the books and how fast I read as well.

In volume 13, we have our first visit of Romaria(ロマリア) in the series, the empire is completely based on the Bremir religion. We meet the leader of Romaria, 聖エイジス32世(ヴィットーリオ・セレヴァレ)[Roughly: Holy Aegis the 32nd(Vittoorio Serevare), will refer to him as Vittorio], and we were dropped with the information that he is infact a Null magic user and his tsukaima is ジュリオ・チェザーレ(Julio), yeah, the cool priest guy from 2nd season in Albion. Julio is the "God's Right Hand" - Windaruvu(神の右手・ヴィンダールヴ), who can control all living creatures.

Romaria wants to gather all 4 null users and 4 tsukaimas so they can wage a crusade against the elves that holds the Holy Ground where Bremir came to Earth(according to their religion).

They decided to bait Galia(ガリア王国)'s null tsukaima God's Brain - Muzunitonirun(神の頭脳・ミョズニトニルン) into attacking them and so they can capture it and force out her master, because they don't know that Joseph the 1st(ジョゼフ1世) is the null user of Galia. They plan to celebrate 3rd anniversary of Vittorio's leadership of Romaria and gathering Louise, Vittorio, and Tiffania(who is also a null user) together, which will act as the bait. Louise later learn that Vittorio's null spell opens the gate of world, which links to Saito's world. While Vittorio learnt the spell Saito's laptop(he brought it in the novel, not the anime) received emails from his mother, telling him how worried she is about Saito, and Louise saw Saito crying after receiving the email.

Louise decided that it will be best to send Saito back home, but deep down she doesn't want to, however, after seeing Saito tear up she decided to do it as she think it is the best. Louise asks Saito out on a date, and fulfilling all of Saito's requests, including panty peeking(lol) and most explosive stuff than that. Saito find Louise extremely weird but he still went along with it, for the end of their date, they drank wine together, but this part I would have to quote from the novel as it is just amazing.(roughly translated by moi)

Saito: Louise, what is going on, you smiled to me 72 times today, while you've only smiled to me twice during the whole year since I got here.
Louise: That's great, if I smile twice per year, then that is around 30 years of smiles for you, no, around 40 years of smiles...If only it was 50 years worth of smiles...
Saito: What do you mean...?
Louise(tears up): It means that I've smiled enough for my whole life, as I will never smile again.
Saito: What...?*falls asleep*

And with these parting words, Louise promised to dedicate her life to the Church of Bremir and help the crusade against the elves, and when Saito wake up he would be in front of the Gate of World
----------------------------------Volume 13 - Holy Empire's Gate of World - END-----------------------------------
Will publish Volume 14 - Saint of Aquireia tommorow! Enjoy, even if you probably don't know what I'm talking about, if you followed the anime series you would understand this though~

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