Weekly 東方 Doujin - 呪いのビデオが幻想入り・アフタ

10:45 PM

Image by Akane Yuki

The cutest little Sadako you'll ever see.

Title: 呪いのビデオが幻想入り・アフタ, The Cursed Video Came into the Illusion・After
Artist: Akou Roushi
Genre: Comedy, Cross-over
Characters: Too many to count, Yamamura Sadako (The Ring)

Kenn's Comment: Hnnggg. Sadako is far too cute in this. 

Oh and I should probably mention that this is apparently the sequel to a 3 part comic...which I can't find (hence "After" in the title).

Anywho, the story is that Sadako (from The Ring) has somehow ended up in Gensokyo (it's probably explained in that 3 part comic, and likely has something to do with Yukari bringing the cursed tape in) and she's now wandering looking for her tape. 

So far, she's visited the underworld (Sanzu river), the Eintei, and I believe the Moriya shrine. She's ridiculously adorable and when paired with Kaguya, who looks very similar to her, the moe-load gets doubled and brains start to explode. I'll keep looking for the first part, but I couldn't even find it on Pixiv (I'm probably not looking in the right place). Actually, thinking about it, everybody's ridiculously cute in this (just Sadako's cute....r)

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